DMGA is a forensic behavioural consulting firm. We offer OSINT support, geographic profiling, incident management systems and mapping services for accurate, timely and effective solutions.
OSINT Support
DMGA offers OSINT, SOCMINT, and GEOINT support for investigative activities. We use all means at our disposal to provide you with timely, actionable and reliable intelligence.
OSINT = Open Source Intelligence SOCMINT = Social Media Intelligence GEOINT = Geospatial Intelligence
Geographic Profiling
DMGA’s geographic profiling services are available to support research and investigative activities associated with missing persons, serial crime, violent crime, and unsolved cases.
Our services may be conducted on-site or remotely and are available to law enforcement, media, and members of the public.
Mapping Services
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DMGA offers mapping services for law enforcement, government, institutions, and corporate clients. Let our informative and interactive maps help you visualize your data for efficient, responsive and cost-effective solutions.
Missing Persons
DMGA is ready to organize, manage and conduct your missing person search in an effective and timely manner in any environment or scenario. We provide immediate, short and long-term assistance and strategies. Our services may be conducted on-site or remotely. *DMGA only assists in cases that have been reported to law enforcement.
IN AN EMERGENCY Contact us 24/7/365 after notifying police
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“When I want to know what is happening in North America about criminology I go to one person in particular - Doug MacGregor. Over time Doug has shown himself to be reliable, informed, astute and aware. I find his views invaluable.” - David Wilson Emeritus Professor of Criminology Birmingham City University
“Tenacious, determined, inventive and resourceful, just a few of the words that accurately describe Douglas. Most importantly he has an insatiable appetite for detail and the ability to think creatively, which are invaluable characteristics for somebody operating in this field. He sits firmly at the top of his game.” - Peter Bleksley Author & Broadcaster
"Douglas provides a superbly comprehensive service, full of detail and information. Not only is he thoroughly professional but he works quickly, which is a huge advantage for broadcasters and podcast producers." - Mark Sandell podcast producer "Beyond Reasonable Doubt" and "Manhunt- Finding Kevin Parle" for the BBC.
“Douglas MacGregor is a geographical wizard! His expertise is only overshadowed by his generosity. The Cold Case Investigative Research Institute (CCIRI) is a 501 c 3 non profit. MacGregor has donated his time and talents on numerous cases yielding answers for law enforcement and families. CCIRI has been fortunate to have The Geographical Profiler as an expert on numerous Cold Cases as well as developing cases. He has been spot on every single time!” - Sheryl “Mac” McCollum Cold Case Investigative Research Institute (CCIRI)
Business Hours: 24/7/365